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M. Patmos

United States

M. Patmos does its manufacturing in locations all across the globe, each with its own sustainable practices. The clothing from Peru is Certified Fair Trade. It is made with alpaca fibers bought directly from the farmers, which are then hand spun, hand dyed (with natural colors) and hand knit. One of the two factories in Nepal is a small workshop that employs local women, and all the clothing there is also hand loomed and hand knit; the other factory boasts a safe and clean work environment and specializes in handwoven scarves. The Indian factory is small and has an individual approach: “Each garment is produced by one tailor from cut to final stitch.” And the original, made-in-Brooklyn label was founded to create more jobs and opportunity for people. M. Patmos encompasses all types of clothing and accessories, all made with simplicity, versatility and nuanced detail in mind. Wherever a wearer’s clothing was made, they can be assured that social well-being was kept in mind, too. To learn more, click here.

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