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Gap manufactures all its types of clothing with sustainability in mind. Its production of denim jeans, for example, implements the Washwell™ and Water Quality programs to improve its water usage. The Washwell™ method of washing denim uses 20% less water than traditional methods and has saved more than 229 million liters of water since 2016. The Water Quality program involves treating all the water used in the dye-and-wash process to remove harmful residue before the water leaves the factory. Gap also aims to source all its cotton more sustainably by 2021, both through its partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative or by finding cotton that is organic, recycled or American-grown. A portion of the profits from Gap’s clothes go to support PACE, its women’s education program. Gap has a classic piece of clothing for everyone, so everyone can participate in its impact initiatives. To learn more about Gap’s programs, click here.

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