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Baggu’s founding in 2007 was inspired by a desire for a reusable bag that is both functional and sightly. Since creating the first Standard Baggu, the company has expanded to design many different types of bags in its San Francisco studio, all sustainably made – Baggu has long had a partnership with its factory in China, ensuring the company’s familiarity with the ethical and environmental responsibility upheld in the creation of its bags. Baggu’s entire Ripstop Nylon collection is made with 40% recycled material – specifically, recycled nylon filament yarn produced from pre- and post-consumer waste. The company thus uses less scrap material, which conserves petroleum and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Baggu has redesigned its packaging to eliminate plastic hangtags and introduce recyclable paper sleeves, paper hangtags, packing slips and Set of Three boxes, and the poly bags used are biodegradable. Baggu has reinvented the plastic bag with similarly lightweight totes that hold more weight and less of a carbon footprint. To learn about more of Baggu’s sustainable initiatives, click here.

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