Natural makeup

United States

Explore our curated list of Natural Makeup Products. These brands are all making strides to create organic and/or safer products for our bodies and the world around us. Many of these brands are transparent with their supply-chains and clean beauty standards. Some initiatives include cruelty-free certifications: Leaping Bunny Programme and PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program. Other certifications include vegan certifications, Fair Trade Certification, B-Corp Certification, USDA Certification, and organic certifications: ECOCERT, Soil Association Certification, and NATRU Certification. Some other initiatives include ethical and eco-friendly packaging, along with plant-based products.  Most of these products are non-toxic and made without the following: palm oil, parabens, fragrances, petroleum, pesticides, propylene and/or sulfate – proving brands can be committed to making a good product while being sustainable.  Discover each brand’s sustainable initiatives through the website links for each item.

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