Danish company, Aiayu, is dedicated to creating luxurious and durable clothing, accessories, and bedding through sustainable and socially conscious practices. Known for their knitwear, Aiayu produces these pieces alongside its yak and cashmere products in local workshops in Nepal. Rather than choosing to manufacture in more production-skilled countries, Aiayu has increased Nepal’s export, positively impacting the country’s economy. The company also has a zero waste initiative, using left-over fabric and cuttings to create tote bags and rugs. The luxury brand uses profits from its zero waste initiative to donate to a local school in Agra, India for challenged children. Aiayu’s factory in Bolivia is the first in La Paz to be WRAP certified and implement a water recycling plant. Aiayu also uses biodegradable bags for all its packaging, meaning each bag dissolves within 90 days. For more information on Aiayu’s certifications click here.

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