Windmill Villa


The Windmill Villas in Santorini, Greece are the perfect getaway for those looking to experience the true heritage of Greek culture. Invite yourself to relax under the vibrant blue sky and warmth of the sun as the serenity of your surroundings rejuvenates your senses. 

The unique landscape and beauty of Greece has caught Mood of Living’s attention as one can drift effortlessly between the country’s thousands of islands. The family-embracing philosophy of the Greeks inspires travelers to taste traditional food, drink local wine, dance and listen to music with family and friends.

Situated near Santorini’s seaside, this Greek pearl has inviting aesthetics that attract travelers who are looking for more than just the average sunbathing get-away. The hotel’s three-windmill formed villas sets the perfect background for any special occasion and give a unique sensation of one’s well-being. The traditional all-white, Greek exterior and colorful interior gives an authentic feel of the rich and well-known Greek heritage, while the bedroom windows offer an outstanding view over the calming Aegean Sea.

The hotel owner, Nikos Levitis’, motto is, “Luxury is freedom of choice.”  He is determined that every guest feel relaxed throughout their stay at the villas. The Windmill hotel provides every guest with the ease of personalized service to meet his or hers everyday needs, striving to maintain the timeless custom of Greek hospitality.

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Photography courtesy of Windmill Villa