Americano and the East: An Exquisite Fashion Fusion

Voravit Lapnarongchai, who goes by Vee, is the head designer and founder of SVEE; a clothing line that broaches a soft mix of Eastern sensibility and luxe couture. When Mood of Living went to visit SVEE’s atelier in Brooklyn, NY, we imagined walking into an angular industrial designer’s loft. But out came Vee with a big smile, inviting us in to his warm and charming studio.

This underlying thoughtful demeanor explains the attraction to Vee’s clothes. He is the kind of person that just does everything right: Designing easy-to-wear statement pieces with cuts representing modern comfort that embody a lavish feel. With a resumé that includes designing for American classics like Michael Kors and Derek Lam, Vee’s astonishing look is not a surprise.

“I want people to care about their 

clothes — concerned about what 

they’re wearing everyday.”

And this is why Mood of Living welcomes SVEE. One of our favorite selects is a classic knit sweater with contrasting perforated leather inserts—cool, classic, but with a touch of sportswear element. Vee’s cheerful personality and complete dedication to a forward-thinking vision makes him a designer to keep on your radar.SVEE-feature-mood-of-living

Mood of Living Q&A:

MoL: Where is your homeland?
V: Bangkok, Thailand

MoL: What is your current fashion objective?
V: To find a vision for women’s knitwear collection.

MoL: When did you know you wanted to be a designer?
V: When I first went to a flea market in Paris and found this beautiful black cape from the 1800s.

MoL: Where do you find inspiration?
V: Everywhere and all around me. From the places I visit, to the many shades and textures of my dog, Cleo’s, fur or my egg white omelet on a Sunday brunch.

MoL: If you could have a conversation with any living person, who would it be and why?
V: Sarah Burton (Creative Director at Alexander McQueen). I would like to know what encouraged her to design her beautiful clothes and what it was like to work with Alexander McQueen.

MoL: Any words of wisdom?
V: Never give up, but if you are tired, take a break.

Charmed by Vee’s design and good nature, the team at Mood of Living did a shoot at his studio. Explore this gallery and get a peek of SVEE’s summer collection.


Photography by Christina von Messling


Photographer: Christina von Messling
Creative Director: Kate Moodie
Hair & Makeup: Joashua Barrett
Fashion Assistant: Rosilind O’Connor
Model: Ninja Singh (MARILYN)

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