Reinventing Nostalgia with a Streak of Simplicity

Finally, this minimalist Japanese line has opened a flagship boutique in SoHo, NY. Founded 15 years ago by brand designer Yukari Suda, Pas de Calais intertwines sleekness and simplicity with playful nostalgia. While named after a region in northern France, the line also represents admiration for Dentelle de Calais and what Suda calls “the most beautiful lace in the world.”

The designer’s signature pieces include an elegant, light-to-the-touch cardigan and cropped sweatpants made of wool fabric — the kind typically used for business suits. This distinctive combination of fabric gives the line a fresh take on casual classics. In fact, the more you wear Pas de Calais, the more characteristic the textures becomes, which is just the kind of comfort Suda is seeking.

“I like washed cottons and linens,” she says, “When I wear them, I feel so relaxed. As if I’m at home.”

From the Pas de Calais summer collection, Mood of Living suggests being on the lookout for their nude-colored, semi-transparent interpretation of a tux shirt. Wear it over and over again and feel the transformation of the fabric textures.


For a glimpse on how Pas de Calais’ pieces move, get into a summer mood with this homage to the French lifestyle that always embraces that internationally celebrated joie de vivre. See how these pieces capture the wanderlust spirit of one of Mood of Living‘s models.

Photography by Michael Donnelly

Written & Directed by Michael Donnelly
Creative Director & Stylist: Kate Moodie
Film Editor: Giacomo Francia
Hair & Makeup: Kyra Dorman
Fashion Assistant: Rosilind O’Connor
Studio Assistant: Candice Hufler
Music: Oliver Z’Berg
Model: Marta Garcia Morilla (Q Management)
Voice Over: Sophie Colle  

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