Joe Fig: Inside The Painter’s Studio

Joe Fig’s Inside the Painter’s Studio takes readers on an exclusive tour through the studios of 24 artists. From the way the artists organize their painting tools to how each selects the title of his or her work, this intimate journey reveals the day-to-day process of creatives.

Among the studios featured is the workspace of famous American photorealist, Chuck Close, a man known for his massive-scale portraits. It’s easy to forget that behind every brilliant artwork is an intensive web of details. Joe Fig, Brooklyn artist and author of the book, reveals his fascination with the daily rituals and routines that can otherwise seem tedious to the onlooker.

Mood of Living appreciates the book’s focus on the ambiance and structure of these non-traditional work environments. We are truly inspired by how an abstract idea manifests into a tangible piece of art.

Inside the Painter’s Studio
by Joe Fig
Princeton Architectural Press 

inside the painters studio