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Just as no two people are the same, nor are any two light fixtures from Curiousa and Curiousa; a handmade glass lighting company based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, UK. Founder Esther Patterson started the company in 2010, and has since received many awards and accolades for her extraordinary pendant designs. Her bespoke system allows each client to have the freedom to design their own lights and create their own pieces, giving them more options than they could imagine.  Since no light fixture is created equal, Patterson’s vision allows for each home to have its own separate ambiance.


Mood of Living: Before becoming a lighting designer, you were…

Esther Patterson: A graphic designer.

MoL: Where did you learn your craft?

EP: At Nottingham Trent University

MoL: What inspired you to start working with glass and china?

EP: I originally studied Graphic Design and even set up my own studio, but I always knew that my heart was never totally into it. I’d always be doing something more craft based.

MoL: Do you prefer working with one medium over another?

EP: My first foray into lighting was actually though ceramics, when I asked a local glass blower if he was able to recreate a piece I’d designed in bone china. I didn’t know it at the time, but that piece proved to be the first real step to where I am now.

MoL: Your Bespoke system allows your clients to have a lot of freedom to design their lights. What inspired you to allow your clients so much independence in the designs?

EP: It all started when I made my first light piece on my uni course in slip cast bone china. I had to make it in three smaller parts that fit together so it wouldn’t warp in the kiln. When we had a day with a glass blower as part of the course, I asked him to blow the lamp in three parts just the same. Here is where it all started as I then experimented hanging them from the ceiling all together then as separate parts – all different colours. I really had a good play.

MoL: Why have you chosen to not work with major retailers (excluding Liberty London)? Do you feel as though you are able to understand your clients more through this way of doing business?

EP: One of our strengths is working with our customers directly. We can discuss their needs in great detail. As soon as you sell retail you lose that connection with your customer. Our lights are not about buying them off the shelf, they are about a process of finding the right look and solution for their personal space, it’s a process. We also love working with interior designers as they are so professional and many of them love their job and really do give their customers an amazing service.

MoL: Where did you come up with the name Curiousa & Curiousa?

EP: It was from Alice in Wonderland- “Curiouser and curiouser.” A great phrase by the white rabbit. I substituted the “er” for an “a” to make it more individual.


MoL: How would you describe your typical day as it relates to business versus creativity?

EP: Emails in bed with my laptop and cuppa, quick team meeting at 8:30. Walk with Gwennie, my dog at 9pm. Rest of the day is a real mix- marketing, photoshoots, designing, etc. etc.

MoL: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

EP: Be yourself.

MoL: How would you like others to view you as an artist and your products in the next 5 years?

EP: Classic.

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