Conversations on the Hudson

In 2012, English designer Nick Hand decided to set off on his bicycle from Brooklyn, New York, and pedaled north along the Hudson River toward the Adirondack Mountains. Conversations on the Hudson is a record of his journey through photographs and interviews of artisans he met along the Hudson Valley. “On a bicycle you take everything in,” writes Hand in his introduction. “You can stop anywhere, you don’t miss a thing, and it’s easy to strike up a conversation.” His approachable and curious nature encouraged artisans to invite him to their studios and workshops and share their personal stories.

People who visit the Hudson waterfront, which is known for its views and milieu, may not be aware of its rich history and aesthetic presence. Therefore, this book is both relevant and insightful. The compact, unique read features a collection of Hand’s scenic photographs to capture the scenery and artisans’ workshops. These photos accompany interviews with a seed librarian, a bicycle recycler, a printer and publisher, a brewer, a stone sculptor, a sheep farmer, a distiller, a glass designer, maple syrup producers and a boat restorer, among others, to offer a captivating portrayal of the creative life and environment.

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By Nick Hand

Princeton Architectural Press, 2014