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Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa

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Mood of Living  /  Mar 11, 2016

From spending time in nature to kicking back with a book in bed– Tierra Patagonia is the destination for those who seek a different kind of vacation experience.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, located in the Torres del Plaine National Park in Chile’s Patagonia region, is a getaway for those particular, adventurous spirits who want to explore nature in its fullness and enjoy the comforts of a luxury hotel and spa. Drawing on the native Tehuelche people to influence their work, Chilean craftsmen create the furnishings and textiles to decorate the interior of the hotel, providing a warm, organic atmosphere. This casual and welcoming environment offers guests a place to interact or find a quiet space to relax.

Q&A with Tierra Patagonia

Mood of Living: What was the founder’s mission when creating the hotel?

Tierra : The Purcell family wanted to create a luxury adventure destination that allowed guests to experience the grandeur and beauty of the Torres del Paine area, while engaging in the culture of southern Patagonia.

MoL: Who owns the hotel?

T: The Purcell family owns Tierra Patagonia, but they have partners including the Matetic family, who own the estancia where the hotel is located. This is one of the two largest operating sheep/cattle estancias in Patagonia.

MoL: Where in Patagonia is the Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa?

T: Southern Patagonia/Magellenes region; located on the banks of Lake Sarmiento, which is part of Torres del Paine national Park.

MoL: The architects Cazu Zegers, Roberto Benavente and Rodrigo Ferrer clearly had sustainability in mind in the design. Can you elaborate on the importance of the design to the customer experience?

T: The hotel was meant to disappear into the landscape and almost look like a fossil coming out of the lake. The design is meant to enhance the guests engagement with the natural beauty.

  • Uma Spa

    Uma Spa

  • Bedroom View from Tierra Patagonia

    Bedroom View from Tierra Patagonia

  • Side View of Tierra Patagonia

    Side View of Tierra Patagonia

MoL: What unique experiences do you offer your guests? What is special about the spa?

T: Uma Spa has an elegant design and beautiful views of Torres del Paine from the indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi. The treatments are designed to help relieve muscles after excursions, as the model of the hotel is an adventure spa hotel.

MoL: What kind of excursions do you offer your guests and what kind of wildlife and nature might they be able to see?

T: We offer a variety of half and full-day walking/hiking excursions, horseback riding, as well as water-based expeditions. The wildlife include guanacos, Llama, mountain lions and more

MoL: Are their rivers close by? If so, are they fresh enough to swim in/ drink from?

T: There are rivers close by, but they are quite chilly, so typically people do not swim from them.

MoL: Please describe the air! How does the purity of the air make you feel?

T: In such a remote area, the air is free of pollutants and is invigorating.

MoL: What are you most excited about introducing to your guests?

T: People know to expect the dramatic beauty of Torres del Paine, but we like to also introduce them to the culture of Patagonia.

MoL: Can you tell us more about the sustainable practices of your hotel?

T: The hotel was designed using sustainably grown native Lenga wood and using special glass windows that insulate the hotel from the extreme weather of Patagonia.We give water bottles to all of our guests and encourage them to use them whenever possible to avoid plastic bottle usage. We also participate in a program called “Reforestemos Patagonia”.

MoL: Is the food you serve local? Organic? Where does the fish, meat and product come from?

T: Most of the food is local and all of it is from Chile. The fish comes from the waters off of Chile’s Pacific coast. The meat comes from our estancia and/or nearby estancias. Produce when possible comes from local greenhouses and farms.

MoL: What type of memories and feelings from the hotel experience do you hope your guests bring home with them?

T: Tierra Patagonia has been designed as an experiential hotel for guests to take in the grandeur of Torres del Paine National Park and the culture of southern Patagonia. We want our guests to have that experience and then come back to the hotel to be enveloped in the serenity and beauty of the hotel to share their experiences with their friends, family and other guests. The hotel is created to be a very social place with the open bar, restaurant, living room and library – as well to have quite, introspective places where guests can relax.

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Photography courtesy of James Florio

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