The Gorki Apartments
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The Gorki Apartments


Mood of Living  /  Jan 8, 2016

Nestled in Berlin’s buzzing Mitte district, The Gorki Apartments are a welcoming abode with a character like no other. Inside this renovated 1900’s house, spacious rooms capture the spirit of the city’s creative locals and the quirky nature of Berlin. All the modern amenities and services of a top-notch hotel are offered with a personality of a residential building. It is truly the best of both worlds in the place known for its vigor.

While traveling can be exhausting, Gorki Apartments is a place to unwind after a stressful journey. Visitors are able to return to the apartment after a day of exploration and cozy up on a couch, make a cup of tea in their own kitchen or relax on a private terrace with the sun dipping behind the skyline. Everyone is treated like a friend, given a pseudonym, a mailbox, and a doorbell. People keep coming back because Gorki succeeds in making Berlin feel like a second home.

Decorated under the Gründerzeit, or Founding Epoch architectural movement, the interior has an opulent facade and ornamental motifs. It was crucial to the interior designer of this early 20th-century building Sandra Pauquet to maintain the original patina. These design decisions capture the eccentric temperament of Berlin while remaining modern and luxurious for today’s traveler.

Each of the 34 rooms and two penthouses has a distinct character and color palette that lend themselves to different individuals. Green subway tiles line some of the bathroom walls while the others are splashed with bright colors that pop against the German Renaissance white doors. Creative use of space creates rooms that welcome travelers home. Each detail pays respect to this historical houses heritage and the robust culture of the vibrant city.

The location of Gorki Apartments is another compelling reason to skip a hotel. Below the house lies the subway, and a city tram stops right in front of Gorki. This smooth access to public transportation ensures ample opportunity to explore Berlin. Within walking distances lie Torstrasse, a destination for bars, restaurants, galleries and shopping, a nightlife-rich Hackescher Markt, a vast Alexanderplatz boasting the Fernsehturm needle, and Friedrichstrasse.

The Gorki Apartments is a small business whose priority is to support the many other unique small businesses that decorate the city streets. Within the hotel, visitors encounter local Pelago bikes, Paper & Tea products, and flowers by Mary Lennox. Many of these collaborations stem from the team’s personal relationships. Gorki prides itself on being well connected in Berlin and works hard to ensure that guests are exposed to the true character of their city and experience a sense of belonging.

Cultivating a sense of home, each of The Gorki Apartments is equipped with a kitchen; for the very same purpose the historical building does not host a restaurant. However, right outside is Cafe Gorki Park, a perfect stop for a morning coffee. Also, just below these accommodations lies Das Sauerkraut, a delicious spot full of local fare for visitors to sample. Another suggestion for travelers is Pauly Saal, housed in a former Jewish Girl’s School on Auguststrasse. This unpretentious Michelin-starred restaurant serves a memorable interpretation of traditional German cuisine for the modern palate.

For anyone looking to venture to Berlin this home away from home is the perfect escape. While immersing you in the eclectic culture of Berlin, Gorki Apartments seeks to provide luxurious rooms, impeccable service and show guests the hidden gems of the city they cherish.

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Photography courtesy of The Gorky Apartment and Giacomo Morelli

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