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Song Saa


Mood of Living  /  Feb 8, 2016

Off the coast of Cambodia lies Song Saa, a luxurious resort that seeks to maintain a triple bottom line. This sustainable business model ensures that the environment, local community, and guests are nurtured and rejuvenated without harming one another. By returning to nature and invigorating the senses through culture and cuisine,  Song Saa is an oasis to truly recharge.

Song Saa is Cambodia’s first luxury private island resort. The resort sprawls across two neighboring isles, with villas and paths surrounded by lush virgin rainforests, robust coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters. As soon as you step onto the islands of Song Saa, your senses are immersed in sea air and jasmine as the ocean dances across the beach.

Co-owners since 2012, Melita and Rory Hunter suffused the Song Saa project with adventure and philanthropy. After moving to Cambodia for what they anticipated would be just a year when Rory was offered a job, they fell in love with the country and stayed for 10 years. The Hunters credit the unique Cambodian atmosphere and incredible people with encouraging them to develop their own land holding company. This in turn enabled them to transform a fishing village 18 miles off the coast into a peaceful and rustic sanctuary.

27 villas are scattered around the main island, featuring a variety of ocean and jungle panoramas. Each structure was built and decorated with sustainable materials, ensuring that the architecture and interior reflect Song Saa’s triple bottom line mission. Within these accommodations, billowing curtains frame the doors, modern pieces of white and wood furniture accent the space,  and  open floor plans ensure guests focus on nature.

While every vantage point at Song Saa  provides a breathtaking view, perhaps the most notable scenery opens up from the oceanside Vista restaurant and Bar where fresh, locally sourced food is served. Additionally, there are five different dining experiences that offer diversity for any palate.

While many choose to spend their stay relaxing in the villas or sampling the local cuisine, there are various other indulgences to experience, including an infinity pool, yoga, meditation, and bespoke treatments at the spa and wellness sanctum. If you seek adventure, beach sports and boating, excursions are available for all guests to enjoy. For anyone interested in exploring the local rainforests, ecological tours propose an educated peek into the green sanctuary.



In addition to gorgeous amenities and tranquil surroundings, Song Saa is an accredited non-government organization (NGO). This resort is devoted to  supporting the local community, perpetuating a sustainable business and protecting the environment. Staff have worked to create Cambodia’s first marine reserve, implemented a waste management program, and started an intern research program for local villagers to participate in. Visiting Song Saa is not merely a vacation; the tourism industry helps the local community thrive.

Photography courtesy of Song Saa Private Island

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