Dunton Hot Springs
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Dunton Hot Springs

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Mood of Living  /  Apr 28, 2015

Found deep in the Colorado Rockies, the Dunton Hot Springs invite travelers to a journey of rejuvenation experienced through absolute organic luxury. The resort embraces an authentic American experience and captures one of the planet’s most interesting phenomena; natural hot springs.

There is an overwhelming greatness to be felt as the naturally heated waters take you to new levels of connecting with the earth. It is believed that natural hot springs can be beneficial for muscular pains and tension relief as the minerals purify the skin. No matter the season, the hot springs are an amazing way to begin your day at sunrise, and end your nights under the stars.

What was once a ghost town in 1994, the new owners renovated the space into an admirable, rustic-luxury destination. The resort is composed of cozy, log cabin villas, an inviting main house and library, and several other wooden structures that create a village-like experience of modern minimalism, while offering the luxury of full-on spa treatments, private yoga and pilates sessions, and a plethora of winter and summer activities. The liberating waters of the springs can also be found indoors; soak in the indoor spring of the bath house, or choose to stay in a private villa that provides natural spring water through the tap of your bath tub.

Discover the wild forest and ignite your adventurous side while exploring the magical grounds of the Colorado mountains through hiking, horseback riding, skiing, rafting or even dog-sledding. During the summer, a visitor can choose to stay at the Dunton River Camp, being especially attractive to those who enjoy fly-fishing and the epic travel style of camping. The luxury tents introduce campers to authentic mountain comfort and bring you one-step closer to true American heritage as the natural aromas of crisp mountain air and a traditional bon-fire awaken your senses.

After experiencing and discovering astonishing sceneries, create memories with fellow travelers through local, organic, gourmet food. There is a feeling of discovering something special at Dunton; the unique composition of nature and modern influence makes for the perfect destination to take a break from the hectic paces of everyday life and reconnect with the inner-self.

  • The bathhouse at dusk

    The bathhouse at dusk

  • The inside of the bathhouse

    The inside of the bathhouse

  • Bjoerkmans Cabin

    Bjoerkmans Cabin

  • The town at day

    The town at day

  • The Dolores river

    The Dolores river

  • Echo Cabin

    Echo Cabin

  • Forge Cabin

    Forge Cabin

  • Horseback Riding at the Hot Springs

    Horseback Riding at the Hot Springs

  • Major Ross Cabin

    Major Ross Cabin

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