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South Africa

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Babylonstoren, an 18th century renovated farm in the Drakenstein Valley of South Africa, invites visitors to ground and surround themselves in organic luxury. It harkens back to simpler times while still infusing a modern touch into its every amenity.

The buzz of bees creating fresh honey, the gentle breeze sifting through olive tree branches, and the undulating mountains framing every vantage point are just a few of the sights, sounds, and smells that encapsulate a visit to Babylonstoren. This farm and vineyard is more than a producer; it is a hotel experience designed to recharge and rejuvenate any visitor through its relaxing environment and rustic meals. Karben Roos purchased the land in 2007, transforming Babylonstoren into a hotel and invigorating the property with elegance and purpose.

The mission is simple: to help visitors reestablish a connection with their surroundings. This can be seen in  their dedication to both farm-to-table practices as well as simple and elegant interior decorating. A mix of basics and antiques welcomes visitors home after a day of exploration; once inside, linens, white walls, and streamlined furniture come together to invoke a serene, Dutch-style cottage with contemporary influences.

  • Tearoom in Greenhouse

    Tearoom in Greenhouse

  • Reception at the Spa

    Reception at the Spa

  • Guest Cottage Bedroom

    Guest Cottage Bedroom

  • Shifting the menu at Ceramic Bull

    Shifting the menu at Ceramic Bull

  • Cheese Shop

    Cheese Shop

  • Pool at the spa

    Pool at the spa

  • Chose your own herbs for tea!

    Chose your own herbs for tea!

  • Melting steak, pumpkin and tamarillo

    Melting steak, pumpkin and tamarillo

  • Canoeing on the Dam

    Canoeing on the Dam

  • Birdwatching at Babylonstoren

    Birdwatching at Babylonstoren

  • View from the Babylon hill

    View from the Babylon hill

  • Yoga Class

    Yoga Class

  • Beekeeping



While the villas satisfy any need for luxury, the multiple restaurants dotting the grounds further enhance the Babylonstoren experience.  At this rustic farm-style hotel, a meal “promises to be both an adventure and a rediscovery of the honest essence of things.” Roos encourages any traveler to pick and eat from the garden. Every meal is sourced from this vast, seasonal garden and then supplemented with local produce, creating menus that merge the Cape Dutch culture with local cuisine. Whether you opt for dinner in the cowshed, greenhouse, or bakery, Babylonstoren’s culinary experiences will leave you wanting more. To complement your meal, there are over five types of wine stemming from 13 grape varieties, all crafted by resident winemaker Klaas Stoffberg.

18th Century Manor House at Babylonstoren
18th Century Manor House at Babylonstoren

After you have had your fill, there is still much to explore and experience. Outdoors, guests are encouraged to pick produce, swim in the nearby plaasdam, taste local wines, venture up Babylonstoren Hill, or play petanque (a game similar to bocce); the possibilities are seemingly endless. A luxurious spa offers a unique, private hammam water ritual. This consists of a full-body exfoliation, a dynamic stretching session, a moisturizing full-body massage, and a cleanse. Cold spring water and fruit from the garden are the perfect end to this treatment.

Babylonstoren is an experience that will leave any traveler satisfied, grounded, and recharged. The hotel fully immerses you in the convergence of luxury and nature, allowing you to appreciate the little things.

  • Babel Restaurant

    Babel Restaurant

  • Bamboo Entrance to the Spa

    Bamboo Entrance to the Spa

  • Herb Garden at Babel Restaurant

    Herb Garden at Babel Restaurant

  • Greenhouse at Night

    Greenhouse at Night

  • Interior of Guest Cottage

    Interior of Guest Cottage

  • Babylon shades on the Greenhouse

    Babylon shades on the Greenhouse

  • Bedroom in the Cottage

    Bedroom in the Cottage

  • Hammam Treatment at the Spa

    Hammam Treatment at the Spa

  • Pool at the Spa

    Pool at the Spa

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Photography courtesy of Babylonstoren

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