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Longitude 131°


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Longitude 131° tempts its guests to hear the call of the wild and follow the steps of pioneers who first walked these remote lands.

In the heart of the Australian outback, Longitude 131° luxury wilderness camp immerses its guests in a range of unforgettable experiences. The lodge is located deep in the magnificent Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. White tents dot the rich and sandy terrain, ushering visitors to experience affluent living in the rugged setting.

Longitude 131° tempts its guests to hear the call of the wild and follow the steps of pioneers who first walked these remote lands. The camp offers ultimate exposure to the vast park grounds, with style and comfort of a fine hotel. Fifteen elevated tents, each inspired by the legends of the early explorers and pioneers, are scattered across the estate. Outfitted with floor to ceiling windows, the view of the terracotta Uluru mountain with the sun casting bursts of rust, pink and gold colors over the landscape, is astounding and unforgettable.

At a place where nature and hedonism merge in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, every step outside a comfortable tent is filled with excitement and discovery. The camp’s staff lends a helpful hand to those who want to forge deeper into the wilderness with guided tours of the surroundings. One of them in particular, a sunset tour to the Kantju Gorge, is a source of many travelers’ tales.

There are plenty of other remarkable sights and locations worth scouting while visiting. The rugged terrain of the national park comes alive with your personal guide’s stories about the history of the place and culture that baptized the region as the spiritual heart of Australia. With a backdrop of the sprawling monoliths and domes of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, the nearby Red Ochre Spa invites guests to unwind, relax and truly absorb the textures of the Outback with the indulgences of manicures, hot stone therapies, and facials.

To complete the circle of indigenous Australian experiences, food comes in play. Table 131°, Longitude’s unique offerings, invites explorers to dine in the middle of the vast outback as the sun makes room for a canopy of southern stars. The trademark fusion of contemporary techniques and flavors, such as Cape Grimm beef, Coffin Bay oysters, and Cone Bay Barramundi often flavored with local ‘bush tucker’ ingredients such as quandong or finger limes, is constructed exclusively from local produce. Every day the menu is created anew with whatever fresh ingredients are available. Enveloped in the earthy aromas of the outback, its red sand and hard-wearing plants such as acacia bushes and eucalyptus trees, Longitude 131° is the place for utmost exploration, providing a delicate balance between finding time to recharge and heading outside to observe and absorb.

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Photography courtesy of Longitude131° and Kara Rosenlund.

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