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Hotel Droog


Mood of Living  /  Mar 30, 2016

In the heart of Amsterdam, Hôtel Droog captures the buzzing nature of all that the Netherlands’ capital has to offer. The hotel lives up to its lively surroundings, embodying multiple hotel experiences and becoming a true home away from home while it simultaneously marries cozy styling with comforting cuisine.

Owner Renny Ramakers’ mission for this project was to revamp the conventional and mundane hotel experience. Hôtel Droog is a constant hive of activity where food, art, culture, and luxury converge. Within the 17th century building lies an art gallery, clothing store, restaurant, spa, and garden. With all of these offerings at hand, any traveler will find themselves immersed in the best of Amsterdam’s flourishing culture.

Amidst the picturesque, meandering canals of Amsterdam, visitors may have a hard time leaving this bustling hotel. On the first floor, a carefully curated concept store seeks to enhance daily life with fascinating objects, each of which has its own unique stories. After guests have had their fill of shopping, they can wander into the fairy garden and sit in awe of the lush greenery.

  • Hotel Droog, Amsterdam. Courtyard en Library.

    Hotel Droog, Amsterdam. Courtyard en Library.

  • Hotel Droog, Amsterdam. Courtyard en Library.

    Hotel Droog, Amsterdam. Courtyard en Library.

  • hotel droog

    hotel droog


If guests are craving lunch, they can head to Droog’s aptly-named Room Service restaurant. This strictly organic and locally sourced dining room is a modern destination that serves natural and flavorful homemade recipes. Next to the restaurant lies the spa. Similar to the rest of the hotel, the Droog spa is a reinvented concept. Visitors won’t find a space for treatments. However, they will encounter a refined boutique stocked with products devoted to enhancing well being and made with only organic ingredients.

On the second floor, there is a constantly evolving art gallery that showcases installations and exceptional artists. Through workshops and lectures, this gallery seeks to create a dialogue between visitors and art. Up above the gallery lies a brightly-lit contemporary apartment with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry services. With all of these amenities, this modern space feels like a cozy home, instead of simply another generic hotel room.

Above all, when travelers come to stay at Hôtel Droog they are invited to embrace Hôtel Droog’s trademark approach of innovation with a “twist.” The hotel is marked by a constant, contagious hum of activity. Whether guests stay for a night or a month, Hotel Droog welcomes everyone into a community dedicated to creating an international creative discourse.

Photography courtesy of Thijs Wolzak, Droog, Sal Marston

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