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Bambu Indah


Mood of Living  /  Feb 22, 2016

From sampling family recipes to bespoke activities, this resort, exemplifies sustainable and rejuvenating organic life.

Nestled in the lush and quaint village of Baung, Bali, The Bambu Indah captures the essence of organic luxury. At Bambu Indah, travelers are invited to partake in local experiences in an antique, 100-year-old building. From sampling family recipes to bespoke activities, this resort, exemplifies sustainable and rejuvenating organic life.

Bambu Indah, a family owned hotel, started in 2008 when John and Cynthia Hardy purchased 11 Javanese teak wooden houses. These historical structures, previously intended as homes for new brides of noblemen, have been transformed in rustic lodges outfitted with billowing canopies and unique wooden accents. Through these accommodations, the Hardys’ hope that each guest is immersed in the palpable creativity and the colorful history of Bali, while simultaneously enjoying the amenities of a boutique hotel.

  • Kuno House

    Kuno House

  • Sumba House

    Sumba House

  • Udang House

    Udang House


In Balinese, Bambu Indah translates into “beautiful bamboo” and this oasis of a resort seeks to make every stay sustainable, organic and personal. This experience is entirely ecological, from choosing to use lava stone instead of chemically altered concrete for the pool to the fresh vegetation that yields produce for daily meals. At Bambu Indah, the mission statement is “nature is queen”, which visitors are able to witness in their meals and explorations around the surrounding grounds.

There are so many singular aspects that contribute to the feeling of inspirational adventure at Bambu Indah. Every meal is comprised of homegrown ingredients and derived from recipes that have transcended time. There are a multitude of opportunities to explore ranging from morning rice paddy walks to a traditional Balinese massage. One of the most interesting offerings is a Balinese blessing guided by a local from the community. This water purification ritual welcomes the visitor into the vibrant culture, enabling anyone to honor the Balinese grounds that are so highly valued and respected in Bali.


The smell of wild nature and the sounds of the rainforest surround you as you walk around the premise. No matter your intention, whether for a visit, a honeymoon, a family retreat, or a solo oasis, Bambu Indah offers an organic experience that is singular and unforgettable.

Photography courtesy of Bambu Indah

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