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Mood of Living  /  Feb 5, 2015

Skagen takes inspiration from Danish design and the splendor of seaside landscape to create watches, jewelry, accessories and home goods.

At the clash of Danish waters between the North and Baltic Seas, an old-age fishing port has found its way into cultures across the globe.

The town of Skagen, Denmark provided the emblem for what began as a watch company in 1989. However, as time has progressed, the brand continues grow significantly. Skagen takes inspiration from both contemporary Danish design and the splendor of seaside landscape as sophisticated, streamlined and timeless pieces create a unique collection of watches, jewelry, accessories and home goods. Here at Mood of Living, we especially relate to this company because of its simple yet intricate creations and rich, traditional foundation.

The beauty of the brand is eminent; every material selection and color choice celebrates life and happiness through detailed minimalism that encompasses the natural elements of Skagen’s landscape and culture.

The Scandinavian ritual of enjoying life is infused into every aspect of the Danish lifestyle. Their goal is to create a community of hospitality, warmth and respect for each other and the environment we all share through the Danish practice of hygge. Hygge means creating an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, through the simple things like the glow of a candle, to sitting around the table, chatting with good friends. Skagen celebrates this ageless tradition by uniting its philosophy with everything they do. The history and teachings of the hygge tradition are recognizably reflected in every collection, where beauty and function are one and the same.

Mariza Scotch has recently joined the Skagen team as the Chief Creative Officer at an exciting time in the company’s history.

“We keep discovering individual expression of our brand’s roots each time we collaborate with talented Danes around the world,” said Scotch.

Aspiring to bring Danish philosophy, culture and design to customers around the world, Skagen is now available in nearly 80 countries, allowing every individual person to include exquisite attention to detail and the philosophy of hygge into their everyday lives. The company continues to expand its global footprint while evolving and spreading the mentality of Hygge worldwide.

Future stores will continue to highlight Skagen watches and jewelry, while featuring the new collection of leather accessories introduced globally last fall.

Skagen’s timeless vision remains true as they continue to bring warmth, simplicity and welcome to hearts and homes across the world. Their stores are a retail refuge, a place to pull back from the excesses of life and enjoy a moment to refocus. As they continue to expand into a full lifestyle assortment,  Skagen offers the opportunity to bring home their characteristic style of Danish simplicity and delight for years to come.

Photography courtesy of Skagen

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