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Rigonia de Asiago


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In 1922, four years after the First World War ended, Rigoni grandmother, Nonna Elisa, found herself a widowed mother with nine hungry children to feed. Using her late husband’s beekeeping skills, Nonna Elisa began the work of making honey with her two eldest sons, Mario and Paolo. Soon after, her honey was known by mountain folk as the best around and by the 1930s, Apicoltura Rigoni had become famous all over Italy. Today, her grandson, Mr. Rigoni, and his family continue to produce the highest quality honey and spreads.


Located in Altopiano di Asiago, a mountain plateau near Venice, Rigoni di Asiago finds its core ingredients from these lands– from the honey and fiordifrutta (fruit spreads) to the nocciolata (chocolate spread), all hand-chosen by members of the Rigoni family before being passed onto production. This trademark stamp of approval by a Rigoni family member ensures that Nonna Elise’s recipes stay true to their origins, which are based on the surrounding mountain forests, valleys, wildlife and nature.

The honey that Rigoni di Asiago produces is raw and mono-floral, thus maintaining the unaltered qualities of honey and making sure it truly comes straight from the beehive. Mono-floral honey derives from a single flower or plant and allows the honey to maintain distinct flavors. The company has patented their unique room-temperature production, thus allowing consumers to enjoy honey just as if it has been collected from the hive.

Despite its heritage and traditional recipes, Rigoni di Asiago is highly innovative— so much so that they were one of the very first companies in Europe to practice organic farming and thus achieve the Certified Organic label. All of the products are certified organic and non-GMO, a key factor that sets Rigoni di Asiago apart.

Ever since its inception in the early 1900s when Nonna Elisa transformed her beekeeping hobby into a business, Rigoni di Asiago has been providing solely organic products for the everyday consumer to enjoy. Rigoni di Asiago C.E.O. and president, Andrea Rigoni said, “We strongly believe that, as a global society, we need to develop sustainable lifestyles and use the best technology to create a balance between the availability and the consumption of resources. Our company has always been committed to respecting the environment, favoring bio-diversity and developing the best practices to guarantee conscious choices for ourselves and our future generations.”

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