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Mood of Living  /  Jul 23, 2015

Lux Dag för Dag’s unique take on local sourcing is epitomized by their local market where community members can buy in-season foods.

What those in America have come to know as “farm to table” — a relatively new culinary form that emphasizes using only the freshest, most local ingredients — comes naturally to Stockhom-based restaurant Lux Dag för Dag. However, their dedication for sourcing natural ingredients for each component of each dish, really communicating with the farmers and breeders behind each product to craft the menu, and engaging even the local community to buy locally sourced produce is what sets Lux Dag för Dag apart.

As a husband and wife team, Lotta and Henrik Norström help run the Stockholm-based restaurant. The Norströms — alongside the three other owners of the restaurant, Annette Johansson, Peter Johansson, and Daniel Frick — brought Lux Dag för Dag to life in an old, renovated warehouse on the Stockholm waterfront. Lux Dag för Dag’s unique take on local sourcing is epitomized by their Walk Through, a local market attached to the restaurant where community members can buy daily produce, meat, fish, and other in-season foods. Lux Dag för Dag’s menu is similarly distinct; Henrik, born and raised in Stockholm, reflects his love of the outdoors in his cooking through his ever-changing daily fare.

Q&A with Lotta and Henrik Norström

Henrik Norström

Henrik Norström Co-founder of Lux Dag för Dag with his wife, Lotta (Photo by Erik Wahlstrom)

Mood of Living: Hometown and current location:

Lotta Norström: Stockholm, Sweden.

Henrik Norström: Stockholm, Sweden.

MoL: What are your occupations?

LN: Marketing director for our three restaurants Lux Dag för Dag, EAT, and B.A.R.; owner of the three; and waitress.

LN: Creative director of our three restaurants, owner, and chef. (Three more owners: Annette and Peter Johansson, Daniel Frick).

MoL: What was the inspiration behind Lux Dag för Dag?

LN: We wanted to use products when they are at their best. Therefore we change our menu daily according to what products we get ahold of that are in season – the ripest produce, the best tenderized meat, the most freshly caught fish, etc. We also wanted a more easy-going bistro atmosphere with courses cooked in a simpler way offered at a lower price. Still delicious, though!

MoL: Where did you (Henrik) learn to cook?

LN: At various restaurants in Sweden, mainly, but abroad as well.

MoL: Where does the inspiration for the recipes come from?

LN: The inspiration comes from the products of the season as well as from my own palate and personal flavor favorites.

MoL: What makes Lux Dag för Dag different than other "farm to table" restaurants?

LN: We don’t know what other farm-to-table restaurants have, but we have our own meat tenderizer fridge and we have Farmers’ Dinner nights when we invite our farmers, cultivators, fishermen, hunters, breeders, etc., to talk about their products and to present them to customers in a menu that Henrik creates for that one night. A very popular evening to attend for our guests!

  • Photo by Erik Wahlstrom

    Photo by Erik Wahlstrom

  • Anka


  • Crêpe


  • Choklad


  • Gös


  • Pilgrimsmussla


  • Rabarber


Lux Dag för Dag communicates with farmers to source the freshest ingredients for its dishes.
MoL: When was the moment the both of you realized that this restaurant could succeed?

LN: Almost immediately, when we had a full house and lots of positive feedback from our guests.

MoL: The "farm to table" movement is widespread across America and has been incorporated by many restaurants. Do you see this happening in Stockholm, or does locally sourcing the ingredients come naturally?

LN: It might happen soon. Not many restaurants work this way, as far as I know. Maybe more in the countryside…

MoL: Talk a little about the Walk Through, the small-scale marketplace within your restaurant. Was it a part of the original plan, or was it something that came about through the years? How has the public responded to this open market concept?

LN: The Walk Through was a fun project for us to begin with and became popular soon. We had our own small window that we sold take-away lunches and dinners from, as well as vegetables, fruits, flowers, dairy, etc. It looked so inviting from the outside as well!  However, since we only had non-sprayed vegetables and fruit, they unfortunately didn’t last a day outside. This meant it was basically only possible to have just potatoes and flowers outside…This wasn’t the same at all, and when the winter came we sold take-away from the inside (which we would have done anyway) and haven’t really opened the little window again when we couldn’t display anything. It was lovely but short….

MoL: Which restaurant and/or chef inspires you (Henrik) the most?

LN: Michel Bras inspired me in my early years with his local products and thinking when I visited him in the early 2000s.

MoL: What place do you go to for a peace of mind?

LN: The forest or my summer house.

MoL: How do you achieve a peace of mind?

LN: By being outside in nature.

MoL: We find that people who make beautiful things are more likely to lead an artistic lifestyle. Do you spend much time creating a beautiful home?

LN: We both enjoy a beautiful home and spend a lot of time on it now and then, but not all of the time.

MoL: Do you entertain?

LN: Yes, we like to invite friends over for dinner and to have parties.

MoL: Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share?

LN: I have a nice fish and shellfish sandwich that consists of thin slices of butter-fried bread, creamy shellfish, fried fresh salmon and cod, lettuce, tomato, onion, herbs and pickled cucumber. Easy to make, lovely to eat.

  • Photo by Morgan Ekner

    Photo by Morgan Ekner

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