Mood of Living


Mission Statement


By honoring traditions and celebrating innovations, our mission is to discover the story behind the story of tastemakers, craftsmen and philanthropists. Mood of Living is an online magazine of conscious living for men and women seeking a high quality and meaningful life. We inspire our readers to engage in a community continuously revolving around effortless beauty, awakening of the senses and, most of all, the quality of life.




Founded in 2014 by renowned fashion director Kate Moodie, Mood of Living is a digital platform that curates products and stories of influencers in the fashion, home furnishings, art, beauty, specialty foods, travel, and wine industries. Moodie’s exceptional career in the magazine business coupled with her knowledge of building and recognizing style identity has culminated in a leading voice for timeless beauty and curated finds in the digital marketplace.


More than an online lifestyle magazine, MoL is an international resource featuring stories of creative visionaries and tastefully designed products. The in-depth profiles offer an intimate glimpse into the minds of those dedicated to perfecting their craft. MoL recognizes that moods are not merely emotions, but rather celebrations of senses.


MoL encourages people to pursue their passions, to take pleasure in their senses, to appreciate quality over quantity, and to be socially and environmentally responsible. By connecting creative people to the stories and products that inspire them, MoL fosters a truly global interactive community.



Kate Moodie, Founder
Photography by Jessica Baker