Many consumers have a sustainability mindset, but they struggle to make it a lifestyle. Mood of Living is a digital magazine for socially and environmentally conscious lifestyles. Original content presented in inter-related media and social media properties features ethically-produced fashion and home furnishings, eco-friendly travel, and responsibly-sourced food and wine.


Mood of Living creates a convenient and transparent platform for readersto make mindful choices about the things and experiences they purchase. It does this by finding and sharing the authentic, behind-the-scenes stories and images of inspirational people and places. It also curates and showcases beautiful and sustainable products for conscious consumers who appreciate quality over quantity – enabling social impact brands to connect with an audience who cares.


Mood of Living has gained recognition as a voice of authority in the conscious living and media industries. Its website content, traffic, and community of collaborators, influencers and social media followers have grown steadily since 2014. Founder Kate Moodie builds on her exceptional career as a fashion director and senior editor at renowned publications to lead this movement towards meaningful and impactful lifestyles.




Kate Moodie, Founder